Co-commissioned by Internet 2 and The New World Symphony, ONE is an experimental short film that draws connections between architectural patterns, musical figures and natural disorder in a search for harmony.

The piece was showcased at the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop (NPAPW) 2016. NPAPW is an annual three-day conference that allows academics, artists, technology professionals and arts administrators to discuss artistic endeavors that utilize advanced networking applications; learn about and use cutting-edge distance-education technology; and explore new ways of incorporating audio and visual technology in performances.

The musical piece is a violin concerto presented as an immersive cinematic experience in the concert hall. Visual and musical contents have been design to respond to the space to explore how the orchestral experience can be shaped into an engaging performance for the audience. The artists have taken a narrative approach that brings the music and the visuals together - sharing strong conceptual and dramatic materials allowed them to create a common language for musical and moving-image compositions. The underlying concept explores the idea of time as a non-linear and subjective journey where the solo violin embodies an outsider that struggles to find its place within the ensemble. 

Report video coming soon...


Co-commissioned by Internet 2 and The New World Symphony

Music composed and conducted by Mike Ladouceur

Directed by Aurélien Krieger & Marco Jemolo

Produced by Aurélien Krieger

Cinematography & Editing by Marco Jemolo