Aurélien Krieger is a creative producer and educator for digital arts and interactive media.

His work explores how digital culture can engage with physical spaces to create unique experiences : interactive installations, performances, digital scenography and cultural events.

Driven by a critical approach of digital technologies within creative workflows, his practice uses digital environments as expressive languages to support collaborative and multi-disciplinary works. Aurélien connects skills and ideas to make innovative art & design projects happen and to support a dialogue between creators and audiences.

Aurélien is also involved in educational projects as a content developer and educator with the aim to inspire and teach young people through the use of creative technologies.

His clients and partners include Bonjour Lab, NYX Visual, masomenos, Kate Simko, dancedigital, blueshift coding, and some of his works have been featured at the New World Center in Miami, the Royal College of Music and the Learning Department of V&A Museum in London, La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris and at MUTEK MX Festival in Mexico City.